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Who We Are

Scott Morse, our owner, has been in the oil and gas industry doing inspections of natural gas treatment plants for over 13 years. After purchasing an RV, he became passionate about providing inspections to help others enjoy their recreational vehicles safely! As our company grows, we can service and educate a higher rate of customers, happily spreading our knowledge across the US. We believe safety should always come first but never lose sight of the importance of customer service. You’ll achieve peace of mind with Trident RV!

What we offer to our clients

Our Services

Certified RV Inspecton

Our trained team is certified in thorough RV inspections to ensure you and your family’s safety. We offer a complete inspection, covering electrical, water, sewer, propane, and AC systems, as well as roofing, appliances, entertainment, under carriage, wheel and axel assemblies, generator, fluid analysis, and more. We also include 80-100 pictures and videos for accuracy and proof of full inspection!

Education & Resources for RV Owners & Sellers

New RV buyers, and owners who are selling or upgrading, may not know what they’re looking for or how the process works. We provide walk-throughs, information on how to use your RV, and resources you may need to help the process go smoother!

RV Repairs

 Your RV could need many different repairs over time, but the wrong repair can be detrimental. We offer registered technicians, maintenance, and technical support for those who are struggling with their RV! We also offer maintenance services for holding tanks, which commonly cause issues when grease, hair, soap scum, or other materials build up. Without this vital maintenance service, issues with drainage, odors, or sensors can occur. 

reason to choose 

Why choose trident rv?

Attention to detail

Details are important in any business, but in our line of work, they’re critical for our customer’s safety. We give every detail, big or small, our undivided attention to ensure the job is done correctly. Our services revolve around our customers’ safety and peace of mind, meaning the details matter the most!

Experience in the industry

There’s nothing wrong with running a newer business – we all have to start somewhere. However, when it comes to detail and professionalism, experience matters! We provide safety and security for our customers, which means we need the skills and knowledge to do the job right. These skills come with time and practice, which we have over a decade of!

Providing education

We don’t believe in completing the job as quickly as possible and moving on to the next customer. Our team wants everyone to be educated about what we do – and why what we do is important! We provide proper education on RV operations and safety-related repairs so everyone is on the same page and no one gets hurt!

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Our company is unique, as we’re not tied to one location or state; we provide each service to customers across the country! We work in multiple states, spreading our knowledge and expertise while providing you with the highest quality services.

Our devoted team proudly services states all across the USA!